Friday, February 4, 2011

Tilda Angel in progress

I finaly got the courage to make one of those lovely Tilda Angels. The long thin limbs always kind of scared me of but as it turns out, they were not so hard to make after I did some thinking. I'll share two secrets with you:

1) to turn the limbs inside out grab the bottom part with a pair of tweezers, rub the fabric just above the tweezers between your fingers to open the fabric up. Now push the tweezers up through the limb towards the opening. Make sure you keep squeezing them to prevent poking a hole in the fabric. This works for anything that is long and narrow.

2) use rice to fill the limbs up to the knee and elbow. Use a funnel to pour the rice into the limb and sway it around like a helicopter blade. The rice will end up nice and neatly at the bottom of the limb. Fill the rest with fiberfill. The added benefit of the rice is that it's easier to bend the knees to a sitting position.

My Tilda Angel is going to be dressed in nice shades of grey and she will definately get a hat. Nothing says "elegance" more than a hat. I keep hoping it will become fashionable again. I have a great head for hats you see. But I'm not brave enough to just start wearing them and set a trend. I should have married a prince... Oh well.


  1. Hello Marieke, I've been reading your tips to make this nice Tilda Angel. I'm about to start my very first Tilda Angel too, and your tips will help me a lot. Thanks for sharing, and very nice to meet you, I'll be visiting your nice blog.

  2. Hello Marieke!

    I have yet to make my first Tilda Angel and have found your tips a real help! I notice you have a ball of wool in your photo, is this for the hair?
    I would love to see the finished Angel and would like to share any more tips you have!
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge....
    Best REgards