Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lavender Dryer Sheets and Sachets

A while ago I read something about lavender bags you can put in the dryer with your laundry. They make everything smell lovely and it's completely chemical free. I don't remember which site it was but they weren't hard to make.

Simply fill a little bag with some lavender (about half a cup). Put them in the dryer with your laundry, they last up to 8-10 times. Once they've lost their scent, you can put a few drops of essential oil on them to give a nice smell to your clothes.

I used this pretty re-used fabric and tried it with your bedsheets: they smell delicious!

I also made some lavender sachets to put between our clean clothes.

Voor meer recepten en manieren van gebruik van lavendel klik hier.


  1. Leuk gedaan en handig in gebruik.

  2. Die ga ik ook onthouden! Lavendel ruikt altijd zooooo lekker. Waar haal jij de lavendel dan? In de biowinkel?

  3. Ik haal de lavendel bij Dille & Kamille, bij ons in de natuurwinkel hebben ze het niet. Maar die van Dille & Kamille is volgens mij onbespoten.