Saturday, February 5, 2011

Flickr Inspiration

These are some of my favorite flickr pictures.

1. Dyed Shell Bird House -, 2. Little Birds, 3. lulettes for malin, 4. mini kock2, 5. thimblescape, 6. Rock Fish, 7. Happy little love muffins, those Gnomey Elfin..., 8. Oval Cotton Baskets, 9. Julip


  1. oh, wat zoek je leuke dingen uit, hier wordt ik qua inspiratie ook helemaal blij van ;-)

  2. Thank for for sharing my crochet fishes!

  3. Wonderful inspiration mozaik, I hope you will make lots more, Marieke! And Eclectic Gipsyland's Flickr site is one of my favourites!